Disable Off-Facebook Activity tool Immediately – Prevent sharing Data when Offline

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Disable Off-Facebook Activity tool

Do you know when you are not using Facebook, it takes the information about your activity on other apps and websites. Like the information from your Banking App or Private messaging App. After so many concerns about privacy and data theft, Facebook is trying to be more transparent about your data and activity by expanding a new privacy feature to it’s user base. The new feature is called Off-Facebook Activity tool.

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has announced the roll out of this feature on January 28, which is also known as Data Privacy Day. The Off-Facebook Activity tool allows users to see and control the data that other apps and websites share with Facebook when you are offline.

How to open Off-Facebook Activity tool

Follow below steps:
Off-Facebook Activity Tool
Go to Settings in your Facebook app
Off-Facebook Activity Tool
Choose Off-Facebook Activity
Off-Facebook Activity Tool
Off-Facebook Activity
From here, you can choose specific apps to see how many interactions you had with an app or a website. You can download activity details by clicking on the number of interactions and clicking Download Activity Details at the bottom of the popup.

You can also clear your existing history. Just click on the Clear History toward the top.

How to Disable Off-Facebook Activity Tool

Like me I’m sure most of you guys do not want Facebook to use your information when you are not using Facebook. Hence disabling it is the best idea. Just follow below steps to disable Off-Facebook Activity Tool.

How to Disable Off-Facebook Activity Tool​
How to Disable Off-Facebook Activity Tool​
How to Disable Off-Facebook Activity Tool​


For me it’s a good feature to control sharing of your usage information with Facebook. If I don’t like it I have the option to disable it. Even you can see the history of your shared data and download it. My recommendation is to disable Off-Facebook Activity tool to protect your data when your are not using Facebook.

If you have any questions and concerns please feel free to comment below.

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