How to Earn cryptocurrency with your photographs

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Earn cryptocurrency with your photographs

When it comes to Photography everyone loves it. Some people do photography as their hobby and some do as their profession and nowadays photography is a very competitive profession. Apart from being a physical photographer (wedding photographer, model photographer etc), there are many successful websites like Shutterstock where you can make money with your photographs. But do you know you can also earn cryptocurrency with your photographs and it is not as competitive as Shutterstock or Physical photography? Here is the place when Steepshot a Steem blockchain product comes into existence.

What is Steepshot

SteepShot is Platform that rewards people for sharing their lifestyle and visual experience. Here you share your pictures that you’ve taken with your mobile phone camera and earn cryptocurrency with your photographs. You will also get rewarded by upvoting other people’s pictures and by commenting on them. Most importantly you don’t have to worry about any third party censoring your images. The idea and mechanism are the same as SteemIT as it is a part of Steem blockchain. If you are first time hearing about SteemIt then you can read our previous article on how to make money on steemIT.

How SteepShot Works

Well, we all are aware of Instagram. What if I told you that Steepshot is just like Instagram but bit more advanced. It Follows the Steem blockchain mechanism which allows you to make a profit with the help of your followers. The amount you earn is based on the amount and the quality of upvotes you receive from users of Steemit or Steepshot since they are integrated and you’ll receive exposure on both platforms.

How to Get Started on Steepshot

You just need to log in using your steemIT username and password and start posting your photos, based on the upvotes (Likes) received your post will be rewarded. Every post you made in Steepshot will be auto-posted in SteemIT. Means you can earn Up-Vote from both the platforms.

Open Currently, Steepshot is available in 3 different platforms, Web (PC), Android and iOs. Means you can use Steepshot using any of these platforms.

earn cryptocurrency with your photographs

Note: To open a Steepshot account you must have an active account in either SteemIT or Golos. 

Please follow below steps to head-start on Steepshot:

  • For Web(PC) just click on the green button which says “Steepshot for Web” or directly open Steepshot Web.
  • Type your steemIT username, for example, my user name is “dev1993″.
  • For password you need to open your steemIT account – Then go to Wallets – Go to permissions – You will see 4 different types of posting keys – We will use the posting key.
  • Click on Show Private Key – Copy that key – Go back to SteepShot – Paste it in “Posting Key” box and Click Login

Earn cryptocurrency with your photographs in Steepshot

Now you are in and you can start posting photos and earn cryptocurrency from Steem blockchain. The mechanism is exactly the same as SteemIT, you will earn based on quality votes received on your photographs. However, based on my experience, below are some best practices to earn cryptocurrency with your photographs in Steepshot.

  • Give a Good Title of your post
  • Write an attractive and readable description
  • Upload good quality photos
  • Do some basic editing for better quality
  • Use proper and trending hashtags
  • Reply to your comments and engage with people


Remember the Quality Posts and Quality votes pays you off. So choose Quality over Quantity


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