How to Create an Android App Without Coding

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How to create an android app without coding for free


In this digital and smartphone revolution, mobile apps have thrilled the world. Every business and organisation are having their own android or ios application. This opportunity has attracted a lot of attention to Android app development. People with knowledge of android app development and coding skills have able to utilize this opportunity. But what if I say, you can create android app without coding? Yes, you can create awesome android apps online without any coding knowledge. You just have to drag and drop and publish in Google Play Store. Therefore, in this post, you will learn how to create an android app without any coding skills.

How to Create an Android App Without Coding

To create android app without coding, there are many online tools and websites. They are damn easy and do not require any coding skill. Most of these online tools are free and open source. You just have to create an account and proceed to develop your first android application. Nowadays many app builder websites became paid so the question here is: How to create an android app without coding for free

How to create an android app without coding for free

Literally anyone can create an android app according to their requirement with the free android app builder websites. Below are few best websites where you can make your own android app without coding for free.

1. Thunkable

Thunkable is my personal favourite website to create free android apps. This is where I built my first android app for my YouTube channel. Here it’s super easy to create and customize mobile apps (Android and Apple) without coding.

The best part of Thunkable is you can learn from thousands of official Thunkable tutorials, sample projects and blogs and easily make your own android app without coding. Thunkable’s user-friendly interface helps you to build complex apps in just a few clicks and drag and drops. Once your application is ready you can access it using QR code in your mobile phone and test in real-time.

Another most important part of Thunkable is the feature to Create Cross-Platform apps. With this feature, you can create apps which will work both on Android and Apple devices.

2. MIT App Inventor

Another best tool to create a free android application is MIT App Inventor. You can create fully-functional Android apps for smartphones and tablets without coding. The tool is block-based and lets you develop high impact, complex in a lesser time than using the traditional development methods.

How to create an android app without coding for free

Above all, the most attractive feature of MIT App Inventor is that you can connect your mobile phone at the same time you are developing it and test in real-time. In addition, service and support are excellent.

3. Kodular

Kodular app development platform was baked from MIT App Inventor to make android app development easier and user-friendly. With thousands of customisation feature its super easy to create android app without coding.

How to Create an Android App Without Coding

The best part of Kodular is it’s the attractive user interface. One thing you need to remember. Although Kodular is free when you decide to use Ad Component you need to pay some commission to Kodular.

  • Pricing: Free Source
  • Real-Time Testing: Available
  • Ads: Yes (When you use ad component)
  • Google AdMob: Supported
  • Other Supported Monetization: Amazon Ads, Unity Ads, Lead Bolt, Facebook, Start App, Ad Colony etc.
  • Signing In: Create Free Account
  • How To Learn: Kodular Community and Kodular Documents


Creating an android app without coding is very easy, but creating a user-friendly and dynamic android app needs practice and knowledge.

Practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice the high quality solution you create. Learn, Create and Test to make the high quality android app without coding

In conclusion, I would recommend a few things before you develop your first application. Understand your requirement, write your solution idea in a plain paper, implement, test and deploy.

Android apps are the best platforms to make money online while you sleep. Therefore, it’s very important to have your own android app. Since everyone can’t learn coding, by using all these platforms you can make your own android app without coding. If you are interested in making money online then read to learn how to make money with your photographs.


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Hi Sir,

Does Thunkable takes any commission?

    Debasis Nayak · February 17, 2020 at 1:00 PM

    No Ajay,

    Thunkable doesn’t take any commission.

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