How to create your own Logo and Graphic online for Free

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How to create your own Logo and Graphic online for Free with Canva

People spend hundreds of dollars for Logo and graphics design. There are many online tools which charge you money for designing logo and graphics. People in Fiverr sell their gig for logo design which might cost you 50-200 USD. But do you know you can create absolutely free logo design online in minutes with Canva. Let’s know how to create your own Logo and Graphic online for Free.

How to create your own Logo and Graphic

When it comes to online Logo and graphics design, first thing which comes into mind if Canva. Canva is a great free platform which allows you to create all kind of images, logos and graphics. You can select from predefined template, drag and drop from the list of thousands of free images, elements, texts, videos, music and many more.

Canva is used by millions of people everyday for all their design. You can literally design anything with Canva. From logo to Instagram cover image, from photo collage to info-graphics, from resume to presentation, from business card to videos. Literally design everything with Canva for free.

Most importantly you can use Canva for all your blog images and info-graphics. Let’s know, how to create your own Logo and Graphic with Canva.

Create a Canva Account

The first step to create great images and graphics is to create a free account with Canva. You can either create a free or pro account, free account comes with everything you can use to create any design but with pro account you can get additional templates, multiple editing options, pro elements etc.

Canva offers 1 month free pro account which you can cancel anytime. Please use below link to signup for free/pro account and get 2 Canva credits for free.

how to create your own Logo with Canva

  • Once you’ve created your account you’ll see this header as below. You can use the search area to select any predefined design, templates and more.

how to create your own Logo

  • You can either use the search area above or scroll down to view and select any design. Whether it’s a logo, YouTube thumbnail, a poster for a live event or header for your Facebook account, Canva has templates for every occasion.

how to create your own Logo

how to create your own Logo with Canva

how to create your own Logo with Canva

how to create your own Logo with Canva

how to create your own Logo with Canva

  • If you can’t find a template that fits your idea, you can always create a custom dimension by clicking on the box in the upper right-hand corner:

Free Logo design online with Canva

  • The thing before asking “How to create your own Logo with Canva” is to select the logo Create design section as above.
  • Once you selected a logo from design section, you’ll be brought to this screen where you will see a dedicated dashboard with varies of templates, photos, elements, texts etc.

How to create your own Logo and Graphic online for Free with Canva

  • You can also upload your own element or photo if you have any and add into the design dashboard.

Customizing your logo or graphic

  • You can use various free pre-defined templates offered by Canva.

free logo design online with Canva

  • You can add elements such as grids, shapes, icons, charts, and frames by clicking on the Elements tab:

how to create your own Logo with Canva

how to create your own Logo

  • Once you’ve played around with different layouts and elements, added your own text including your brand name and made the background your desired color, download your Logo.
  • The last step of designing a perfect logo or graphic with Canva is to save your logo by clicking Download button.
  • Canva does auto-save every few minutes, apart from that when you download your file it does save a copy of it. You can open and re-edit it anytime.
  • Once your free logo design online is complete you can download your logo in multiple format as to create your own Logo

    For logo you should always prefer PNG with transparent background as below. You can also adjust the download size of your logo during download.

    how to create your own Logo


    Hope you don’t have to search again for “how to create your own Logo and graphics“, because Canva is everything you need for it. I’m personally using this platform since last 4 years for all my designing purposes. I create my blog banners, Logos, info-graphics, YouTube thumbnail, Facebook cover image and even Instagram highlight cover with Canva. I can’t find anything better than this free platform.

    Although Canva is offering free account but you should also try it’s pro trial as it is free for a month, which you can cancel anytime. If you are looking for making your career in graphics design or Logo design Canva Pro is a must tool to use.

    If you wanted to create your career in Blogging then know how to Create a Website and Make Money from it. Apart from this these 11 things I have done to make money in India might be helpful further.


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