How to increase your Instagram followers in 10 Simple Steps

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How to increase your Instagram followers

According to a study, Instagram is the most engaging social platform for brands and influencers, with 2-7% per cent of users interacting with each post. With a good number of Instagram followers you will be able to do a lot of things: like getting your images viral, receiving promotional and paid offers from brands, promoting and marketing your personal brand or business etc. But for them, you need a good number of followers. Hence the question is “how to increase your Instagram followers?”

How to increase your Instagram followers

Well, only opening an Instagram account isn’t going to reward you with anything. We can agree, though, you need to perform these 10 simple steps to increase your followers and get reasonable engagement rates.

So let’s start by learning “How to increase your Instagram followers in 10 Simple Steps”.

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How to increase your Instagram followers

1. Decide your strategy

The first thing before asking “How to increase your Instagram followers” is, you never go into a battle without a plan. There are over a billion users on Instagram, which means you have to fight for every inch of attention you receive.

And the only way you’re going to pull this off is if you have a strategy in place. When it comes time to build your plan, you need to focus on your end goals.

What is it you’re trying to achieve with your Instagram strategy? Sure, you want more followers, but why? Simply having a long list of followers isn’t going to grow your business.

Unless, of course, you have a plan to convert that list into customers, subscribers, or what have you. In most cases, brands use Instagram to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase product sales
  • Generate more website traffic
  • Boost qualified leads
  • To increase word of mouth

By knowing your end goal, you can focus on not only getting more followers but getting the right followers. Because, again, you’re not going to get results if you fill your list with generic users who have no interest in your brand or its products and services.

2. Understand Your Target Audience

Whether you a brand or individual user you always need to identify who is your targeting audience. It’s very hard to increase your Instagram followers without knowing whom you trying to attract.

For example, if you are a Travel blogger, you should look for more followers who are interested in travelling and knowing different places or who love to see pictures of different places.

To make it simple, you can list your expected targeted audience’s

  • Age
  • Geographical location
  • Profession
  • Instagram usage habits (frequency and what they’re doing)

By understanding your audience, you can develop a content strategy to draw them to your feed.

3. Adjust Bio and Profile


The first thing that comes into my mind when someone asks me “how to increase your Instagram followers” is your Instagram “Bio” which is the main highlight about yourself. The first thing users will review about you is your bio. They want to know who you are and what you stand for before they click the “follow” button.

Today’s consumers are savvy and want to relate to the brands or people they engage with. So to help them decide to follow your account, you need to fill out your bio and profile. This includes uploading a quality photo of yourself, “Blogger/Gamer/Artist“, or something/someone that represents you.

And, finally, your bio needs to be brief without affecting your personality. You only have 150 characters to pull this off, so you’ll need to be clever in how you showcase your identity.

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User Name

Your username another most important thing I suggest, when someone asks me “how to increase your Instagram followers”.

The user name should be unique and memorable. If you have other social media profiles, then make them similar so your other followers can easily find you. I would highly recommend making all your usernames exact the same so that people can find you everywhere with the same user name.


For your name, you can use up to 30 characters. I highly recommend using your own name as this helps people to search and find you over Instagram by your name.

Link your Website

Instagram allows you to link to your website in the Bio – if you have any please add it. You can add any link in this section even your amazon influencer store ID.

Then you can directly redirect traffic from Instagram to your website or Amazon Store.

4. Create a Hashtag Strategy

Another most important thing when someone asks me “how to increase your Instagram followers” is your “Hashtags”. This helps people to see your post in their search bar or find you when they open any hashtags.

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags in each post. Make sure these hashtags are relevant to your post, brand, products, or industry. Be sure to take a look at posts associated with the hashtag to ensure it means what it says.

There are many ways you can find hashtags. When you post any content and type # you will see hashtags suggestions. You can even attempt to search for them manually on Instagram. Or you can use tools to find popular hashtags.

I always follow 50-50 rules of hashtags – If your followers’ count is 5000 then half of your hashtags popularity should not be more than 10K and another half should be more than 10K.

It’s also a good idea to come up with a branded hashtag that users can learn about and share in their posts. This will also help with brand visibility and recognition.

Whatever you decide, be sure not to overdo the use of hashtags. While you’re able to include dozens of them, you may want to use just a handful. Otherwise, you may come off as spam and result in a blanket ban.

5. Private, Public and Professional Account

Private and Public Account

If you are using Instagram for business purposes you need to make it public. If you are using Instagram for personal use then you probably should keep it private if you have any doubt in your mind.

A public account allows your posts to get featured in the search bar and recommendations. A Public Instagram account also makes it easier to follow you. You don’t have to approve each follow request that comes through.

Professional Account

Having a professional account gives you access to a variety of tools and functionality, including defining the category of your account (artist, public figure, personal blog etc.), analytics on your posts and stories, connecting additional calls-to-action and buttons you can put on your profile, and third-party integrations which are not available in any normal account.

Below is an example of an Instagram Professional account with a dedicated Message and Email button, which makes it easier for people to reach out to your brand.

How to increase your Instagram followers

It’s complete over you to choose your account type, but I would highly recommend not to use a Private account as it’s very hard to increase your followers.

6. Share your Story every day

Who are you? What content do you create, what’s your speciality, what’s your vision, personality, tone, and aspirations? You need to portray all of this to your audience to humanize you or your brand. Share your story every day and make people addicted to you by putting some interesting stories.

Rather than going into a boring background story, you can feature inspiring stories about the challenges you faced and overcame. Or focus on showcasing a particular lifestyle that resonates with your brand and audience.

You need to upload videos, collages, photos, and other visuals that look attractive and on-brand. Choose a colour scheme, layout, or filter that sets you apart from the rest. This way, users will easily recognize your content when they see it in their feed.

Regularly uploading stories is another most important thing you should follow before asking anyone “How to increase your Instagram followers”.

7. Add Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram stories are visible for 24 hours unless you delete them before that, and after that, it goes to your archive. You can add your archived stories as multiple highlights by using different categories and by adding a beautiful Instagram highlights cover.

If you look online you will find a lot of websites from where you can get Instagram story highlight covers, but I suggest you create your own Instagram Highlights cover for free.

Below is the example of my Instagram story highlights, I travel to multiple countries for business, hence I have created highlights according to them.

How to increase your Instagram followers

8. Start publishing Engaging Posts regularly

A great bio, photo, hashtags, stories and story highlights are excellent to have. But it won’t do much for increasing followers if you’re not consistently putting yourself out there.

The way you do this is by publishing engaging posts regularly – ideally, every single day. Now, when we say engaging, this means your posts should capture attention, start conversations, and cause people to like and share your content.

You’ll need to develop a strategy that involves pre-planning your posts, so there’s consistency. For instance, you can post photos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Stories on Tuesdays and Thursdays, coming live on each Sunday.

Engagement is the key

Another most important thing when someone asks me “how to increase your Instagram followers” is your “Engagement“. When people comment on your posts make sure to at least reply or like to some of them. This helps to build trust and engagement between your followers and you or your brand.

The more appealing your posts are, the more likely they’ll get views. And if people like what they’re viewing, they’re more inclined to like, comment, and follow your account.

9. Collaborate with other Instagram Users

Another thing I always mention when someone asks me “How to increase your Instagram followers” is “Collaboration”. It is great to work everything on yourself to increase your followers and fan base, but not easy to reach out to everyone through your hashtags and stories and skyrocket your followers within few days.

Try looking for users who have thousands of followers and have an interest in your industry or product. Ask them for collaboration, it can be of any type (From cross-post to tagging in stories). This helps to get cross-platform followers and reach out to more users instantly.

10. Make use of Analytics Tools

Another most important thing people ignore but ask me “how to increase your Instagram followers” is Instagram’s “Analytics Report“.

how to increase your Instagram followers

Instagram offers analytics features that help you to see how your posts are performing, how is your engagement, from where your traffic is coming, how your hashtags are performing, detailed demographics reports, performance based on time and day of the week and many more things.

Analyse these reports weekly/monthly and see what you can improve. Like, which hashtags is best performing for you, at what time and day of the week your posts are getting more attention.


I’m damn sure by following all these above steps you will see results in few weeks. But another most important thing is being consistent. Learn and improvise and repeat.

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Hope you have learned something from this article “How to increase your Instagram followers” and implement some of the steps from here. Make sure to come back and let us know how your Instagram campaign is going.

Source: Some of the contents in this article “How to increase your Instagram followers in 10 Simple Steps” are taken from Skedsocial.

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