How to make money on steemit – SteemIT Beginners Guide 2020

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Make Money On SteemIT

Hey, readers have you ever heard about a Crypto-powered blogging platform called “SteemIT.”? Do you know many people make money on steemIT every day by simply adding posts, images, videos, etc? Well, you are not late, this SteemIT beginners guide will tell you how to make money on SteemIT.

What is Steemit?

Steemit is a Steem blockchain-powered social media and blogging platform which rewards people for their contribution. One can get paid with its cryptocurrency called STEEM for posting and up-voting posts. In simple words, it can be compared with Reddit, Quora and Facebook where you can post and like/comment in other people’s post but without any reward. Wherein steemit, you do the same but with Steem rewards.

If you have failed in your blogging career or frustrated with slow growth, I highly recommend to give it a try with SteemIt. In SteemIT, you earn STEEM dollars/STEEM which can be converted into real money.

Basic Components of SteemIT

Before we get into the depth of SteemIT, let’s know some basic components of SteemIT and steem blockchain platform which is: Steem Reputation, Steem, Steem Dollars (SBD) and Steem Power (SP).

Steem Reputation

  • It is an indicator that shows how “trusted or appreciated by the community” you are. When you create good content and people up-vote your reputation increases and when people down-vote your reputation decreases.
  • It is a tool that prevents a user with low reputation to harm other users. People with a low reputation cannot harm the reputation of someone with a strong reputation.

make money on steemit


STEEM is the basic building block and currency of the blockchain that Steemit is built upon. STEEM can be used to “power up” and increase Steem Power which increases your up-vote power. It can also be exchanged into Steem Dollars (SBD).

Steem Dollars (SBD)

Steem Dollars are the internal currency of Steemit. It is relatively pegged to the US Dollar as each SBD is entitled to $0.60 (Fluctuates) USD when converted. It can be converted to STEEM, exchanged on the internal market(Block trades)) to STEEM, or exchanged into other cryptocurrencies on exchanges like Binance and Poloniex.

make money on steemit

Steem Power (SP)

Steem Power (SP) considered as the actual power you have on SteemIT. The more Steem Power you have is more influence in your voting power (allowing for the user to issue higher rewards to authors and yourself along with claiming higher rewards from curation). You can also power down your Steem Power to convert them into Steem Dollars (SBD).

How do I make money on SteemIt?

Before we get started, let’s sneak into the website of SteemIT’s parent Steem, they have paid out almost $60 Million Dollars! So people are making money!

SteemIT Beginners Guide

There are 2 very simple ways you can make money from on.

Posting articles (Texts, Images, Videos etc)

Posting article on SteemIt is no rocket science, I think an std-3 student able to do this. You just need to have your topic and write about it. It can be on sports, technology, cooking, adventure, poem, storytelling, movie review and absolutely anything.

Like Instagram and Twitter, SteemIt also has Tags, when you write posts give relevant tags according to your topic(Up to Eight). Tags are one of the most important parts of SteemIT, which helps users to find your post using relevant Tags.

Make money on SteemitWhen you make a post, people read it and when they like your post they up-vote, follow or comment. You will get rewarded after 7 days your content is posted and rewards are calculated based on the Up-Votes received. More importantly, don’t worry about up-votes, keep creating good content, add good pictures and people will definitely like your posts. You can post on random content every day, but it’s good to stick to one topic.

I highly recommend to post everyday in order to get rewarded every single day. As the rewards are paid after 7 days, if you do not post for one day you will miss your 7th day reward

Up-voting and Commenting

This step is very interesting and our passive income source from steemIT. When someone makes post the rewards are divided between the author (Post creator) and curators (People who up-voted). SteemIT keeps changing the reward percentage but as of now, the reward is divided 50-50 between author and curators. This means not only but posting but also by up-voting other people’s post you can make money from steemIT.

Next comes commenting, as steemIt is a social media platform people usually like to have a discussion in the comment section (similar happens in Facebook, Twitter). A good comment usually attracts a lot of attention and up-votes which makes a passive way to make money on steemIT.

Make Money from SteemIT

The picture above is one of the steemit user post’s comment section where people are rewarded by simply adding comments in this post, isn’t that simple and interesting.

Creating an account on SteemIT

If you understand this SteemIT beginners guide article, you already know how simple SteemIT is, you just need to create a SteemIT account. As it is a steem blockchain platform the best part of this is, you can use the same account for other Steem Blockchain platforms like D-Tube, Steepshot, eSteem App and many more.

SteemIT Beginners Guide

Bonus Tips

SteemIT is a social media platform where everything is part of a community. SteemIT is not only for making money, but it’s also a platform to learn from each other, help each other and create a community. Always try to learn from others, follow some good SteemIT bloggers, engage with them, ask them for help, when asked to help others. This is the best way to get yourself established in SteemIT, you engage with people then more people engage with you, follow you and a good community is built.


As I said above, being consist of making posts every day is the important thing to make money on steemIt. Apart from that, it’s highly recommended to follow a unique or particular niche and write awesome articles. In my opinion, there can’t be another super easy platform like SteemIT to start your blogging career.

This SteemIT beginners guide is not even 10% of SteemIT, once you start posting you will learn 1000s of other things

In this SteemIT beginners guide you have learned how to make money on steemIT by posting contents. This is not over yet because Steem blockchain has many more things to offer. If you are good in photography you can make money with Steepshot which is another Steem Blockchain Platform. Similarly in DTube you can make videos like YouTube and make money.


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