PUBG Mobile Latest Update 0.18.0 | Miramar 2.0 Map

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PUBG Mobile Latest Update

Good news for the PUBG Mobile lovers. Tencent is going to release PUBG Mobile Latest Update 0.18.0. The game has become one of the fastest and most played mobile games around the world. As the days passing by gamer’s exceptions are increasing. Hence PUBG’s developer Tencent, keeps rolling out PUBG updates on regular intervals to keep people engaged.

Recently PUBG has rolled out its Arctic mode as one of the major PUBG Update. Now it is back with yet another update. The PUBG Mobile upcoming update is going to bring changes to the Miramar map. This update is named as Miramar 2.0 Map. The update will likely be available for both Apple and Android users.

PUBG Mobile Latest Update Size and Release Date 

The PUBG Mobile latest update will be mass rolled out on April 24, 2020. PUBG Mobile Latest Update 0.18.0 is going to bring a new, Miramar 2.0 map. As the name suggests, the update will be an upgrade to the existing map with new features and visual changes. The expected size of the latest update is around 2 GB.

PUBG Mobile Latest Update

It is said that after the update, the map will have a racing ramp, water city, vending machine, and Golden Mirado. The players can use vending machines to get supplies like painkillers, and energy drinks. All of these updates are likely attract more popularity to Miramar like PUBG’s most popular map Erangel.

New Safety Scramble Mode & Sanhok

The update is also going to a add a new Safety Scramble Mode in EvoGround mode that is very much similar to PUBG PC’s Bluehole Mode.

PUBG Mobile Latest Update

Basically, in this mode, there will be an additional blue zone within the safe zone to prevent camping. The inner blue region will also decrease the players’ health. However, it is to be noted that this inner blue circle will convert into the next Safe Zone when the timer resets again.

Additional PUBG Updates

PUBG Mobile Latest Update will also add a new Jungle Adventure Guide Book in Sanhok map. It will also include a new results screen, along with new achievements in the achievements section. Lastly, the training mode is going to get a new social function dubbed cheer park.


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Final Version Released [Update]

So finally the PUBG Mobile Latest Update with all above update is here. The full version with Miramar 2.0 map can be downloaded from below.PUBG Mobile Latest Update

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