11 Things I have done to Make money in India (Kid to Adult)

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11 Things I have done to Make money in India

If you type “Make money in India“, Google shows 3.3 Billion results. That’s absolutely massive, hence it’s obvious that many of you are interested in this topic. There are thousands of good articles will help you to understand how to make money, some gave part-time ideas, some gave side income ideas, some gave ways to make money online, etc.

Even I have written several articles to make money online. One of them is how to make money online during Coronavirus outbreak.

But non of them tells you what one person has tried in their personal capacity. Here’s my attempt to do just that. Here’s are the things I have done to make money in India except my job from my childhood to now adulthood.

Things I have done to Make money in India

Creating and Designing Orkut Profiles

During 2008-09, Orkut was very famous in India. I have created my Orkut profile in 2008 – This is when I do not have any personal computer.

I joined college in (10+2) in 2009, where I get some exposure to PCs and actively started using Orkut to send scrap, images etc. Seeing this my friends requested me to create an account for them and teach them how to use them. This is where I saw an opportunity and started creating accounts for them in exchange to some pocket money. Orkut was the first things I have done to Make money in India.

Online Lottery and Bid Websites

In 2009, I had my first smartphone which had 3G connection. But 3G internet pack was bit expensive according to my pocket money. I also used to stay in hostel where mobile phones were not allowed. Hence, only time to use my phone was during vacation. I used to find difference websites where I can earn mobile recharges.

I found few websites like Laaptu, which pays to mobile vouchers to play simple games, quiz, online Bids. I used them and earn like 100-200 Rs every single week which was enough for my 3G internet.

Paytm Referral and Cash Back

In 2011, I got admission into Engineering. This is the time when I got my first laptop and start exploring things things actively. During 2011-12 Paytm was aggressively promoting it’s business by giving referral rewards and cash back. I have invited 100+ people into Paytm and earned like 25-50 Rs per referral.

Online Survey and Paid Games

In 2015, I was selected in Campus placement and got my first Job but still, “Things I have done to Make money in India” journey continued

In 2014-15, I came across online survey websites which pays cash for attending small surveys. This is the time when I started earning regular cash every single week just by attending few quick surveys. I used to make $5-$20 USD every week.

If you want to make some extra money by attending online surveys then these 10 Best Online Survey Sites can be helpful. Online surveys are the most easiest things I have done to Make money in India.

Apart from this I have found different Android games which pays cash and shopping vouchers for playing games. I personally found them vary fascinating as someone paying me to play games which I love to.

Bitcoin Mining

In 2016, I came across Bitcoin mining. During that time the concept of Bitcoin was not much hyped and not much people were doing mining. Hence I started mining Bitcoin using my personal laptop.

Selling Books on Amazon Kindle

In 2017, I came across several YouTube videos and learned about eBook publishing on Amazon. I was not a writer, hence I came up with the idea of selling free Public domain books with some editing and summarizing.

I have edited more than 70+ free Public domain books and listed them on Amazon Kindle. Amazon’s platform made it damn easy, just upload your eBook, write a good description, keywords, set your price and after review your book is live.

Things I have done to Make money in India

I used to make $100-500 USD in every 3 month from Kindle eBook publishing. I’m still making lot of profit from it. Amazon Kindle is one the easiest things I have done to Make money in India and everyone should give a try to this.

Things I have done to Make money in India

YouTube Channel

In 2017, I moved to Malaysia. Except my regular job I had nothing else to do. Hence I thought to start a YouTube channel where I could teach people how to make money. Then I have started “Logical Guy” YouTube channel.

The idea of YouTube channel turned into the best decision of my life. I personally connected with lot of people and educated them about different make money ideas and internet knowledge. Because of some personal reason I stop making videos after a year. But trust me Logical Guy YouTube channel was one of the best Things I have done to Make money in India.

Things I have done to Make money in India

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

After few days of making my YouTube channel I had experienced that some people also need help in written format, because you can’t say everything in a video. In those cases I used to refer them to other websites. This gave the idea why not to start my own blog and refer it to people.

After making an YouTube video I used to share all related information in my website and share the link in my video description and card. This resulted 200-500 visitors every single day.

After getting enough regular traffic in my website I started affiliate marketing. Where I review products and share their affiliate links. After reading my reviews people started buying the product which they like by clicking the links in my website. And this how I used to make $50-100 USD every month. Blogging and Affiliate marketing are the best things I have done to Make money in India.

Selling Stock Photographs

When I created by YouTube channel, I had brought a DSLR camera. I thought why not to use it to make money. I did some research about Stock photography and created an account in Shutterstock.

On Shutterstock, you can upload photos, vector images, illustrations, and video footage. Photos can be either be taken with a professional DSLR camera or a high-quality smartphone that matches Shutterstock’s image specs. I used to make $30-50 USD every month with only 7 photographs on Shutterstock. Stock photography is another best things I have done to Make money in India.

Online Writing

I was good in writing and had a good writing experience in Quora. But Quora was a non-profit platform. In 2018, I came across several writing platform which pays you money and crypto currency for writing. But I will only talk about those platforms where I made money.


iWritter is a platform which pays you money ($1- $25 USD) for writing articles and blog posts. You just have to pick a order and complete it within stipulated time. Once your writing is approved (Very fast) you will be payed the order amount instantly.


SteemIT is a crypto blogging platform which rewards (Cryptocurrency) you for for posting, commenting, and even just up-voting other content. Steemit is only one platform for blogs and social media content that sits atop the Steem blockchain. There are other platforms that use the same blockchain and underlying economic mechanisms.

SteemIT is one of the best things I have done to Make money in India. You should definitely give a try to SteemIT.

Investing in Stock market

I had completed my MBA in 2019 from UK and had some decent idea about stock market. I was inspired by the books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “The Intelligent Investor”. These books changed my thinking about stock market and gave me a strong reason to invest in Indian Equity stock market.

What I learned was: “Investing is not gambling, it’s an art and requires patience“. If you want to learn everything about investing and wanted to be a successful investor like Warren Buffet then you should refer these books which can make you successful. Investing in stock market gave me a handsome stock market and even if I loose my job I can sustain my as usual life.

Off course investing in stock market related to market risk. But I would highly recommend to at least invest some money in stock market which you can afford to loose in worst cases. Because it is super easy, you just need a Trading/Demat account.

I highly recommend to use Discount brokers like Zerodha and Angel Broking which charge you zero brokerage for Equity delivery trading

Things I have done to Make money in India

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Note: Zerodha account Opening charges will be Rs. 200 for Equity and Rs.300 if you open both Equity and Commodity account online.


These are the 11 best things I have done to Make money in India as a Kid to Adult. But one thing you should always remember, nothing will make you rich overnight, have some patience. I would say try everything and see which works best for you.



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